Monday, June 26, 2006

Surveying Mount Gaiman

It now is the end of the month, so I'm posting another traffic-statistics graph, so I can see Mount Gaiman nicely centered in the picture. (See these posts for more details, if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

It does look like there are more people viewing this site on a daily basis now than at the beginning of the month, so I think some of the folks introduced to Hornswoggler by Gaiman did not, as expected, flee immediately in terror.

This isn't a particularly clubby blog (LiveJournal seems more conversation-oriented than Blogger, anyway, with it's fancy-schmancy threaded comments), but, if anyone wants to say hello in the comments, I'd be glad to know who's here. (I suspect I don't get many comments because I write such long-winded posts: by the time someone gets to the end of one of them, he's already wasted as much time as he's willing to spend thinking about this blog.) I think you all already know who I am at this point...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew
I wandered in from rasfw where I lurk. Always enjoy your posts there, so thought I would see what you have to say here.

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