Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Our Never-Ending Vigil for David Itzkoff Continues

Benjamin Rosenbaum reports that Itzkoff is again reviewing SF, though the article has not yet turned up at the Times online. (Rosenbaum surmises, and I expect he's right, that the piece will appear in this weekend's Book Review.)

But, rest assured, when it does finally appear in some form we can read, that we will immediately make fun of it here. This is our pledge to you the reader. Can those other blogs say as much?


Anonymous said...

And by "other blogs" do you mean the SFBC blog?


Andrew Wheeler said...

The SFBC blog remains above the Itzkoff fray, as it must. But here, down in the muck with the Hornswoggler, we can grapple with the real life-and-death issues of our time, such as: why did the Times assign such a weenie to review our books?

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