Friday, June 23, 2006

I Don't Know What It Does But I Must Have It

I don't watch that much TV, so I generally miss the commercials that all of the cool kids are talking about. (Which leaves me more brain cells to work on new and better lists of books.)

But I do watch The Weather Channel before heading out the door every morning, and the same ad -- the same mesmerizing ad -- has been on every day for the last two weeks or so. It's for Head On, and someone has now put the commercial online, so we can all watch it all of the time.

No one seems to know what this glue-stick-looking product actually does, or why anyone would want it. But it's out there, and it does something -- but only if you apply it directly to your forehead. Is it a wrinkle remover? Or perhaps suntan lotion? It's a mystery.

Chant after me:
Head On. Apply directly to forehead.
Head On. Apply directly to forehead.


Unknown said...

it is for headache... it is also suppose to help you sleep i believe.

John Klima said...

They used to run an ad after Final Jeopardy every night. I used to freak out about it and yell why the hell would I want to buy something that makes it look like I'm rubbing deodorant on my forehead? My wife (like most normal people) ignores commercials and never knew what I was talking about until I made her watch it. It creeped her out, too.

John Klima

Anonymous said...

The HeadOn commercials have actually been getting less and less sense-making. The first one I saw was pretty basic: HeadOn is for headaches. Go buy some.

The second one has an off-screen conversation, with different people in different versions (and I cannot fathom why they paid all those people to record lines, since the content is identical):

"Have you tried HeadOn?"
"What's HeadOn?"
"You've never heard of HeadOn?"
"Should *I* know about HeadOn?"

Narrator: "Get HeadOn at the drugstore!" (or something like that)

And now, the third and current version. I begin to suspect that a screwy AI is responsible.

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