Thursday, June 15, 2006

Literary Heirs Cause Trouble Week

Since no one else has linked these two stories (as far as I've seen), I guess it's my duty.

Compare and contrast:
Besides the fact that Joyce is a jerk, and Smyle and Steinbeck aren't (or, at least, they haven't been reported to be), is there any real reason why one of these stories is being played as good for literature and the other as bad? (I really want to know, because my instinct is exactly the same way.)

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Anonymous said...

It's a question of cui bono. In one case, the author's heir is taking the right to analyze the works away from scholars and thus from the rest of us, who won't have those analyses to read. In the other, the author's heirs will be taking a share of the profits from a faceless corporation, but we as readers don't lose anything.

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