Monday, September 04, 2006

Book-A-Day #47 (9/2): Book One: Work 1986-2006 by Chip Kidd

A monograph of the first twenty years of Kidd's book-designing career, with lots of notes and a biographical introduction by Kidd, as well as appreciations by a number of people he's designed covers for.

Kidd is the famous cover designer of the modern age, in large part because he's the one of most exciting and innovative designers working now. A lot of his covers do look heavily designed, which isn't necessarily a virtue, but there are lots of exciting visual ideas in here.

Anyone seriously interested in book design already has this, I'm sure, but anyone in the business who deals with covers from any position of power (and some interested readers, who want to know how things get to look like that) should check out this book.

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Irene Gallo said...

Kidd is amazing. He’s one of those people that you almost get sick about hearing how good they are...and then you see another great Chip Kidd cover and think, “Well, Yeah, he really is THAT good.”

Thanks for bringing attention to all these art books...I need to go out and grab some of these.

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