Sunday, September 17, 2006

Book-A-Day #61 (9/16): Star Wars: Allegiance by Timothy Zahn

No plot details here, since Allegiance doesn't publish until February. This is a kind of book I've been wishing Lucasfilm would approve for a long time: it's set soon after the original Star Wars (before Empire Strikes Back), which is a time I've always thought was ripe for a lot of stories.

Star Wars novels have been going awfully military recently (and I don't really know why), and this one is no exception -- in addition to our usual Luke-and-Han-and-Leia plot, there's the story of a bunch of stormtroopers who are not entirely happy with their assigned duties.

Oh, also -- having someone say "I have a bad fee--" and then get cut off is just as overused, and trite, as having the full original quote. Just for the record.

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