Sunday, September 10, 2006

Incoming Books: 10 September

The Wife decamped with her mother and the boys this morning to go apple-picking (oh, yes, we're very bucolic here in New Jersey), leaving me to mow the lawn and do some reading. After I did both of those things (finishing off the book discretely veiled in a previous entry), and started draining the pool, I decided I needed a reward, so I set off to do some book-shopping.

The major reason I went out was to get Haruki Murakami's new story collection Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, but of course I got other stuff as well -- seven other books, actually. Four of them are comics or about comics (the new Joe Sacco collection, Scott McCloud's Making Comics, a Bizarro strip collection, and the Chip-Kidd designed book on Plastic Man), but two of the other the other three are real, lots-of-words-on-a-page books. The last one is an odder item, and it might come up in the book-a-day rotation.

Oh, and I should mention that I finally got a copy of Howard Waldrop's Howard Who? in the cute little Small Beer/Peapod Classics edition. I almost bought it at Worldcon, but I couldn't find a dealer with all of the odd books in print I wanted, so I just ordered them from B&N to my office once I got back (free shipping! same-day delivery in Manhattan!). The other things were specifically for the SFBC, so they're still in the office.

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