Saturday, September 09, 2006

Book-A-Day #52 (9/7): Boneyard, Vol. 5 by Richard Moore

The fifth collection of the comics dramedy-set-in-a-graveyard, including one issue that should have been in the previous collection (as a sheepish letter from the author explains, since it concludes that storyline) and a complete story, mostly about a summer camp plagued by a serial killer.

It's a bit odd going to a Richard Moore all-ages book (this one has some titillation and innuendo, but no actual on-page nudity) after recently reading some of his porn: his dialogue and character styles pretty much are what they are, so it's easy to imagine what porn-Moore would have done with some of these situations. (And that can be distracting.)

This book is cute and light and fun, but there's some backstory in the set-up that I think will have to be resolved at some point, so I hope Moore doesn't drag it out too long. (Specifically, if Lilith comes back every twenty issues or so, and is foiled every time without anything more definitive happening, I will begin to Be Annoyed.)

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