Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Fun With Your New Vampire

One of the less-exciting things I was doing today was running through the "Forthcoming Books" listings in the September Locus to update my own lists of upcoming books. (I'd similarly dragged home a pile of publisher's catalogs on Thursday night, and had a couple of e-mailed futures lists from publishers to check against Locus this weekend.)

It was tedious, boring work: combing through long lists of titles and marking up the ones I cared about as either a) already on my list or b) needing to be added.

But, along the way, I came across two books (authors now forgotten) that sparked a quick giggle, and then a thought:
Real Vampires Have Curves
I'm the Vampire, That's Why

The thought was that there's plenty of room for more titles along those lines (infinite room, probably). Both of those were obviously paranormal romances, but vampires are like chocolate and diamonds: they go with anything and the more of them, the better.

I could think of a lot of titles myself, but I'd rather leave some room for others.

Yes, you guessed it: this is a blatant attempt to get more comments. Let me start you folks off with a couple of possibilities:
The Man Who Shouted Vampire at the Heart of the World
The Vampire Mystique

and let you think of more.


Chris Roberson said...

Our Vampires, Ourselves

Anonymous said...

Real Vampires Eat Blood Pudding

Anonymous said...

Undead Men Don't Wear Plaid?

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