Friday, September 15, 2006

Book-A-Day #57 (9/12): Dark Labyrinth by Luis Royo

An art book by the popular Spanish artist -- this is a smaller format than most of his NBM titles, and has fewer pages, as well. It's really another one of the specialty books (like the Prohibited Book and Conceptions series), rather than a new major collection -- though it's actually bit larger, physically, than those other minor books. (Which, I guess, makes this the Royo Mama Bear; it's just right.)

A lot of the painted art is familiar, too -- I think much of it has already been in his bigger collections.

What you get here is some text, which I'm afraid manages to be both pretentious and mostly senseless, and lots of sketches. Actually, sketches might not be the right work -- they're monochrome and small (and mostly look like preliminary drawings), but they're very tight and finished-looking. He is an excellent artist, but he draws all his women with pretty much the same body, so seeing it naked yet again is not as thrilling as it might be.

As usual with Royo, there's a lot of nudity, and a lot of artistic skill devoted to gorgeous women semi-wearing various odd costumes. Reading this, I decided that all of Royo's people look like European porn stars.

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