Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Roald Dahl Day!

It seems that it's only officially Roald Dahl day today in the UK, but the rest of us can celebrate if we feel like it. The Dahl website has more details, and other stuff about Dahl and his works.

Today would have been his 90th birthday -- that is, if he weren't already dead. Similarly, it would be the 531st birthday of Cesare Borgia (and, I'm certain, that there's some fantasy novel lurking about where it really is).

Anyway, go do something Dahlesque. I'm going to see if my boys want me to start reading James and the Giant Peach to them tonight -- but I'm sure they won't. (They haven't yet, despite several attempts on my part.)


Anonymous said...

How does one celebrate Roald Dahl day? Lock the kids up in the closet with spikes on the door? Or just scream at them until they cry? Let me know before I head home for the day.


Andrew Wheeler said...

I assume that doing anything horrible to small British children would qualify as celebrating.

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