Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hours of Fun for Bizarre People Like Me

I just discovered this site, where one can type in a phrase or sentence and have it read out loud in about a dozen different voices.

The obvious use is obscenity, of course, but what I've been doing is having various voices read out Yosemite Sam's immortal line
I can't get along little doggie,
I can't even get one that's small,
I can't get along little doggie,
I can't get a doggie at all.
and then giggling hysterically.

I've found that "Clair" is the closest thing they have to a real Western accent, but, I have to say, the accents available are all pretty bland and uninteresting. If you're going to do a selection of accents, they should be flamboyant accents.

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David said...

Thanks for letting us know about this site. I tend to agree with you, they could have gone for something more eccentric.

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