Thursday, September 28, 2006

Incoming Books

I have a small stack of books sitting on my printer, waiting for me to mention them here -- they've been there most of this week, but I still have a few books at the office that need to come home (though I don't remember, right now, what they are), and I wanted to wait and list them all at once.

Well, screw that. This is one of my pointless, organizing-my-reading-life posts to begin with, so I'll do it however I feel like at the moment.

I've got six books here:
  • Mark Haddon's second adult novel, A Spot of Bother, which has gotten mixed reviews so I suspect it might sit for quite a long time
  • Shriek: An Afterword by the incomparable Jeff VanderMeer, because I suddenly realized that I haven't read any of the books of my fellow WFA Judge, which just isn't right
  • A Futile and Stupid Gesture, a biography of National Lampoon founder Doug Kenney, which will sit next to my copy of Mr. Mike in the vain hope that someday I'll have time -- though I'd really love to read both of them
  • and three other things, including a Diana Wynne Jones novella, a book on poetry by Stephen Fry, and an odd book called A Field Guide to Roadside Technology
I also went to the comics shop today, so I can obsessively list what I got there:
  • four comics and a small trade paperback (a Spider-Man collection) for my older son, Thing 1
  • the long-delayed fourth Grant Morrison-Richard Case Doom Patrol collection, Musclebound
  • a reissued Richard Sala book I didn't have, The Chuckling Whatsit
  • Powers Vol. 3, which seems to have finally come back into print -- if it took a few month longer, I probably would have forgotten about the series, but it now looks like I might keep going -- and there's eight or so more collections!
  • and, as a very pleasant surprise (since I didn't think it would be out until November), The Complete Peanuts, 1961-1962. Schulz is God.

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