Friday, September 01, 2006

Questions of Neuro-Typicality

Patrick Nielsen Hayden linked to an online Asperger's quiz recently (well, not all that recently, but I was poking though his LJ this morning, and I noticed it). I know this isn't any kind of serious diagnosis, but being a bit odd myself, and having a son who has been diagnosed PDD-NOA, I wondered how I'd come out.

Well, it turns out I'm just a bit shy and creepy, which I guess is a relief -- my "Aspie" score is 56 out of 200, and my neurotypical score is 126 out of 200. Go me! I'm normal by most definitions!


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was one of those "keep you lulled" questions, but I gave up at "Do you blink or roll your eyes?"

"Why, yes, both. One after the other, right now, in fact."

Andrew Wheeler said...

On a couple of those questions, I believe "more than most people" is implied. In fact, I think the instructions up top said that explicitly.

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