Friday, September 22, 2006

Just for the Record: Movable Type Still Sucks

The most annoying thing about the SFBC Blog is that there's no way to edit the HTML directly (while posting, or afterward). So when it starts formatting things bizarrely, I end up copying it into a Word file, saving it as text to zap all of the bad code (and the good code, too) and re-formatting from scratch.

I'm getting happier and happier with Blogger the more I use Movable Type. MT wasn't created by Microsoft, was it? It has that feel to it...


Anonymous said...

Seriously? I'm using an older form of MT on one of my blogs, and it lets you code directly. (The only thing it does automatically is line breaks.) And I have yet to see a blog client (even MySpace, which has the crappiest client that ever crapped) that won't let you turn off the autocode on an entry-by-entry basis.

Eventually, I'm switching to Wordpress, though. MT lost me when they wanted to start charging for more than a limited number of bloggers. Of course, that was a week after I finally managed to install the damn thing properly.

Armchair Anarchist said...

It's all about the Wordpress, seriously. Free, open source, extendable, and completely under your control at every level. Using Blogger used to drive me spare (outages, glitchy posts, horrible templates), and I use MT at Futurismic only because that's what the site owner decided to go with.

I knew virtually nothing about php or html before I started with Wordpress, but there's so much open information and hackery-type advice on the intarwebs that almost everything you could ever need to know is just waiting to be googled. I'm almost never evangelistic about products (except books and music, natch) but Wordpress deserves the kudos. Go check it out. They even have pre-built import scripts that will suck out all your posts from a blog on a different platform.

Andrew Wheeler said...

It's quite possible that it's my company's implimentation of Movable Type that's the problem, but I don't have a choice -- that's what runs the company's blogs, so it's what I have to use.

I do some of my blogging at work, as well, so I wouldn't want to switch over this blog to something that needs to be installed, which I understand Wordpress does.

And Blogger hasn't given me any problems -- it's down once in a while, but not often enough to bother me (so far).

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