Saturday, September 23, 2006

Book-A-Day #64 (9/19): Our National Parks by Ansel Adams

I found this on the "free books" shelves at work a few months ago, so I figured I'd continue my very haphazard art education.

This is a medium-sized paperback, with a lot of pretty black and white photography of plants and birds and rocks and things, and a selection of random snippets from Adams's writings (mostly letters), in which he begs everyone who will listen to leave as much of everything wild as human possible (and then some more).

Black and white photos of nature don't really do much for me, so I wasn't overly impressed -- sure, it's all very good photography, but I guess I prefer my nature in person. (I'm also not as big on the really wild stuff -- I like small woods and rivers near where people live, lands somewhat tamed but not completely controlled.)

So I'm a Philistine -- I can live with that.

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