Friday, December 01, 2006

Book-A-Day #138 (12/1): Lost Girls, Book 2 by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbe

It's been a while since I read Vol. 1, hasn't it? (Looks and links.) Almost two months -- my, time does fly. I had to hide this more thoroughly than it originally was, since my snooping mother-in-law found it. And then I forgot about it, mostly, until this week.

Again, I'll leave off commenting until I read the third volume; it's only fair.

(Oh, and I had a scan of the cover of this volume in here, briefly, but even that has some semi-nudity -- if you squint and imagine -- so I decided against it. I'm getting enough pointless hits from when I read Playboy: The Celebrities, so I don't need any actual nudity here.)

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