Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Everything Old Is New Again

I've spent far too much time today upgrading from old Blogger to new Blogger (almost purely because they're not calling it "beta" anymore), so there won't be any actual new posts. (I don't count this one.)

I have been labeling old posts like crazy, and you can see the result to your left (if you're not reading this as a feed). I hope this is either amusing or useful; it will be useful to me, at least.

New Blogger doesn't seem to play nice with Bloglines, so, for the moment, my huge list of links is not to the left, but is instead a click away, under the discreet "Blogroll" link. They're still as interesting as they ever were, but they've been pushed out by the relentless siren song of me me ME that new Blogger does so well.

Otherwise, I've tried to make the new iteration of Antick Musings as much like the original as possible (besides banishing my personal information to the bottom of the sidebar; you don't need my mug up at the top of the page) -- I'm not usually a big fan of change.

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Irene Gallo said...

Dang! Now _I_ feel pressured to label posts. There goes tomorrow.

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