Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Scalzi Top 51 Posted!

John Scalzi has again combed the depths of Technorati and brought forth a list of the top SFF bloggers. (He did this once before, in the summer. And I was quite happy, then. Ah! It seems so long ago, when the world was young and I was carefree.)

I'm not happy about the new list. This list upends the true and obvious natural laws of existence in favor of licentiousness and depravity. (I'd better be careful; I'm starting to sound like John C. Wright.)

Wherefore have I lost all my mirth? Because my previously-respectable ranking (#37) in the Summer Games was all for nothing -- I've fallen off the list with this new version. The lowest-ranked blog on the current list (Barnstorming on the Invisible Segway, by Marissa Lingen) had a Technorati rank of 59,315. Antick Musings comes in at 62,790, and the SFBC blog is at 71,131. Before, I was somebody, and now I am nothing. (Twice nothing, at that.)

Niall Harrison has done a little number-crunching about the list at Torque Control, but that won't ease the pain. I am a shattered and despondent man.

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