Sunday, December 31, 2006

Book-A-Day #167 (12/30): Powers, Vol. 5: Anarchy by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Avon Oeming

In case you care, here's what I said about Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. (Vol. 2 is at the top of this monthly round-up, and Vol. 1 is buried in this middle of this other monthly round-up.)

I don't really have anything new to say about this volume -- it's still enjoyable, and I think I'll keep going with it, but I don't love it. On the other hand, it has superheroes in it, and I can tolerate it, which is a good sign. (Though, maybe, that has something to do with the fact that nearly every superhero that appears dies quickly thereafter?) I suspect this series mostly appeals to people who used to read superhero comics, but got better,

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