Sunday, December 17, 2006

What I Did Today

The Wife and I packed up both sons and went into the big bad city to see Circus OZ at the New Victory Theater, which I can recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who likes circus-like entertainment without animals. Circus OZ is a bit loud and edgy for really little kids, but both of my boys loved it (ages eight-and-a-half and one-week-shy-of-six), and I bet adult audiences would love it just as much (and they probably won't hear about it, since the New Vic is a specifically kid/family venue).

There's a bit of cabaret, a bit of juggling, a lot of acrobatics, quite a bit of loud music, and a hell of a lot of funny stuff. There's also a singing stuntman, an amazing strongwoman, a mullett-headed trick bike rider, excellent acordion playing, fart jokes, and great hanging-rope acts.

They'll be at the New Vic through the end of the year, but after that they're back in Australia (the next gig listed on their web site is in Perth at the end of February). The site does say they might be in LA, Pittsburgh, and Montreal (among other places) in the near future, so, if you live in any of those places, you can keep an eye out. And I'm sure you can catch them various places in Australia...

The Hornswoggler sez: check it out.

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