Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Movie Log: Little Miss Sunshine

The Wife and I watched this Christmas Eve, because it just came from Netflix and because we wanted to see it. It's not particularly a holiday movie, but it's not an anti-holiday movie, either -- it's just agnostic. (It does seem like an odd Christmas Eve choice, I'll admit.)

Little Miss Sunshine was getting a lot of critical buzz earlier this year, but I think the critics have moved on, since I haven't heard
it mentioned recently. Oh, well -- such is the fate of an early-in-the-year movie.

All of the reviews I remember seeing talked about how funny it was, so I was surprised that it started out so seriously (and even dour). But the last twenty minutes is very silly (almost slapstick-y), which I guess colors most people's memory of the movie. It's well-done, with a lot of good performances (but no obviously flashy ones), and it has a nice build. It does seem to be built (self-consciously or not) on the standard Indy Movie Model, but it all works.

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