Sunday, December 17, 2006

Book-A-Day #153 (12/16): Making Comics by Scott McCloud

I have to admit I'm not the target audience for this -- I'm not a cartoonist of any kind (even "vaguely aspiring"), and my artistic ability is effectively negative (good artists draw badly just because I'm nearby).

But I'd read Understanding Comics back in the day, and the less successful (but still interesting) Reinventing Comics in between, so I felt like I was "keeping up with the series." And I also hope that, if I keep buying everything McCloud publishes, eventually someone will break down and do the fourth volume of Zot! and I'll finally have "The Earth Stories" between durable covers.

I imagine this could be very useful to someone who does want to work in comics (especially as an artist) -- McCloud presents lots of options and ideas (and more than a bit of theory, but it's all inclusive theory) that look like they'd be very helpful. And I did enjoy reading it; it might provide some added theoretical structure to my reading of comics from now on. (Or maybe not; it depends on how much McCloud's theories stick in my mind and how much I continue to agree with them.)

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