Sunday, December 24, 2006

Book-A-Day #159 (12/22): PvP: The Dork Ages by Scott Kurtz

Hey, remember when I read PvP, Vol. 1? So I looked to see if there was a Vol. 2 when I was back at the comics shop, and found this instead -- it's a collection of the comics-pages formatted stories from the six issues of the comic published by Dork Storm Press (before, I gather, it was rebooted at #1 at Image).

(Hey, remember when Elkman used to come over to the room? A No-Prize to the first person to get that reference.)

I think Kurtz is better at the cadence of comic-strip stories (rather than those told in full comics pages, like here), but this is still quite good -- there's a Matrix parody I enjoyed (even never having seen the movie) and some shorter stories.

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