Friday, December 08, 2006

I Was Told I should Blog This...

So last night I went to the annual Christmas party thrown by the Spectrum Literary Agency -- they've been inviting me for years, but I am a wretched, unsociable creature, so I've never been before -- and someone said to me the words "you should blog this."

(Is this good or bad news? I can't say. But I guess my label as "a blogger" is sticking pretty firmly at this point.)

So, since I am nothing if not deferential to my audience:

I was in Eleanor Wood's office, chatting with a group of people. Jeremy Lassen (the always-dapper -- well, if your definition of "dapper" is a '30s pimp -- alphabetically-first half of Night Shade Books) was in a chair with a gaggle of attractive young ladies (who are also, I must stress, all serious and high-powered editors who could break you like a red pencil) standing around him. (Note to self: there may be something in this '30s-pimp look. Must investigate.) I was leaning in a doorway to stage right. On the other side of the room, Jason Williams (the other half of Night Shade) and David Hartwell (surely I don't have to explain David?) were deep in conversation about something presumably of world-shattering importance.

I was wearing a festive tie, featuring a snowy scene with the tasteful figure of a Grinch at the bottom. And this brought about the wondrous moment.

Remember -- I am in a room with both Jeremy Lassen in full-dress mode and David Hartwell (whose tie, I have to admit, was fairly restrained, for him). But several people commented on how swell and nifty (probably not in those words; I was out of my head on praise and can't recall exactly) my tie was.

And then Liz Gorinsky told me I should blog that moment. Now I have, and I can die happy.

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