Thursday, December 07, 2006

If This Goes On...

I know everyone loves that idea, but it's really lazy.

Take that trend you see now; the one you're extrapolating out forty years? (Either the trend you like or the one you loathe; it works both ways.) It will be either over, or utterly different, within ten years. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. Everything that rises does not converge, and it will probably stop rising and wander off to the left for a while as well.

I'm not saying what triggered this, but I'm looking at you folks through narrowed eyes from now on. Stop being so intellectually flabby. Whatever you think things are like, they're more complicated than that. (Yes, that goes for me, too.)

If the extrapolation actually is funny, I'll give it to you. (Actually funny, not just attempted funny.) Otherwise, it's just lazy lazy lazy. Cut it out.

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