Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Voice of Reason on E-Book Costs

Someone known on LiveJournal as Barbarienne [1] -- who, as a production person for a substantial publisher, knows what she's talking about -- talks numbers on what savings a publisher has (and doesn't have) on an e-book.

Some readers and commentators will note that they don't care what it costs a publisher to make a book, and it's their right not to care...but the books you enjoy were created because those costs were covered, and that professionalism always does cost money. If you're satisfied with amateurism, the slash porn is an easy Google away -- go to it. But don't ask for caviar at ground round prices.

[1] Yes, it does sometimes seem problematic to cite someone as an expert when that person is using a colorful LJ handle. Chalk it up to the pseudonymous web culture, I guess.

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