Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twelve Days of Commerce # 10: De-Packaged

It is rumored that Jeff Bezos's hands are soft, tiny and milk-white, precisely like those of the Celestial Emperor's favorite concubine. There are whispers that he has never wielded an old, rusty boxcutter in frustration at a heat-welded slab of plastic. The old women proclaim that all ways and packages spring open at his merest touch.

For the rest of us, Amazon has assembled a selection of deals on toys in "Frustration-free" packaging. (Trust me on this: you can never eliminate frustration from the lives of your children, nor should you try to. But not getting gashed on the wrist from a clamshell case is nice, too.)
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The Brillig Blogger said...

But what do YOU buy? So many suggestions for us, but so little about what makes Andy tick!

Andrew Wheeler said...

M'sieu Brillig: I'd think the great mass of Incoming Books posts would be a good indication of the things I buy. But I do my best not to tick!

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