Thursday, December 03, 2009

Twelve Days of Commerce # 1: Downloadable Games

Well, my posting pattern still seems anemic, and Amazon is sending me e-mails about all the swell stuff they wish I'd tell people about, and we're all supposed to spend a lot of money to help the economy this year, so....

I'm going to post one banner or other way-too-obvious shilling device a day until I hit #12, collapse in shame, or run out of things to link to. My hope is that I can make the blatant pimping at least briefly entertaining.

Today, to start off with, have this lovely banner about downloadable games. According to the ad -- and we all know that ads never lie, don't we? -- you can try all of these games for free, which is as good a way to waste time as any others on the Internet. And, if you happen to see something you like, and buy it, your friendly neighborhood Hornswoggler will get a small piece of the action.

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