Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twelve Days of Commerce # 17: A Full-Court Press for the Book-Killer

You're hip. You're au courant. You keep up to date with the most intensely modern currents in every aspect of your life. And it pains you -- physically -- to still be reading anything as old-school as ink on paper.

You want to spread the news of e-ink -- of spending hundreds of dollars for a gadget that almost but not quite replicates the experience already included (and priced into) a physical book. But the countdown has begun, and you don't think you can get your chosen gadget in time.

But wait! There's a Christmas miracle! Amazon is offering free two-day shipping on their Kindle book-murdering device.

So now you can convert your friends to the glory of being tied in perpetuity to a single retailer for all of your reading needs. C'mon, do it! Remember that Big Amazon loves you.

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