Monday, December 14, 2009

Twelve Days of Commerce # 12: How Angry Is She?

Today's message is just for the men out there. No, let me be more specific: for the guys. Men have self-respect and savoir-faire, but guys are downtrodden schlemiels (if not outright schlimazels) beaten by life from pillar to post and then back again. They can do nothing right, and their Significant Others know, and count on, that.

You've done things wrong this year; you know it and I know it. But how bad were they? Are they nice-dinner-out bad? Big-bouquet-of-roses-at-work bad? Massive-shoe-shopping-spree bad?

Or has it gone beyond that? Do you need to reach way back into the Guys' Bag of Tricks and pull out the nuclear weapon of relationship repair, the diamond stud earrings?

You poor, dumb bastard you. You're ruining the curve for the rest of us, you know that?
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