Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bad Lessons

Tonight, once again, as I dug through a giant pile of old bound galleys that I keep intending to sell or give away or otherwise dispose of, I felt that life was teaching me the wrong lesson.

Because I found my copy of The Best American Comics: 2008, and, if I had been more organized or quicker to cull, I wouldn't have.

The good news is that I can keep working on my review of the 2009 book; the bad news is that I have ever more incentive never to get rid of a single book.

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RDaggle said...

Mr. Hornswoggler,

If you ever decide to toss copies of nauseating 'paranormal romances' on a bonfire, please post about it, in detail.

Preferably with pictures of the pages curling into black ash.

Thank you in advance.

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