Friday, December 11, 2009

My People Have Built Many Widgets

And they finally built one for me!

In a stunningly self-indulgent move, which almost completely ignores the actual audience of this blog, I've added, at the top of the left panel, a neat-o widget that the Mad Geniuses on the 9th floor at Wiley Hoboken just cooked up for me. It presents one question for the CPA Exam every day for a hundred days, with answers and explanations -- all directly from the totally amazing and brand-new Wiley CPA Exam Review 2010. Every day, there will be a new question, which I expect you all will ignore. But, if you are a CPA candidate studying for the exam, I hope you find it helpful.

In the eternal way of all widgets, it's intensely sharable, able to be ported to nearly every social-networking vehicle known to modern man -- so, if by random chance there is someone out there who would like to stick this on their webpage, please do so. (I seriously doubt that will happen, though.)

Update, pre-posting: Well, the widget is actually a bit too wide to fit into that rail cleanly, so the text was cut off. This is indeed a pain. I suspect I'm holding onto a very old Blogger template much longer than I should have been, but it's comfortable (even if it does seem to waste a good half of the available screen real estate).

So, instead, the widget will go right here, to slowly slide down the page and dive into oblivion:

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