Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Selection of Spring Accounting Covers

Since I'm spending this week mostly in meetings as part of Wiley's seasonal Sales Meeting -- we don't do "Conferences," for whatever reason -- I thought I might as well inflict some of those books on you as well.

Wait, wait, don't run away. I'm just going to post some of my favorite covers from the Spring season. Since this is my blog, I'm only going to post covers for my books, though there are some nice inventive ones for other marketers' books (I quite like The Death of Capital and Credit 911, for example).

I don't have the names of the designers at hand right now -- I'm writing this from home -- but I hope to add them, eventually, once I'm both back in the office and have a little time to spare for something frivolous like a blog post. (I think I know who designed each of these, but I don't want to misattribute anything.)

First is How to Measure Anything by Douglas Hubbard -- it's not a flashy cover, but it's very readable, and (I think) intriguing. I also expect the flood of mostly white covers over the past several years will lead to a similar flood of mostly-black covers, so I'm happy to get this one out before the rush.

Then comes one of the covers that I'm most proud of having been involved with -- Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation
by Stephen Pedneault. The concept was mine; I can admit that, since it was a very obvious concept, visually referencing Saul Bass's iconic movie poster for Anatomy of a Murder. The idea was simple, but it took a real book designer to take my vague "why don't you make it look like Saul Bass?" plan and made it work as a cover on its own.

My covers are never going to be flashy, but I like the starkness and authority of this cover for Janice Roehl-Anderson's IT Best Practices for Financial Managers. Additional points, at least as I count them, because this is actually a two-color cover.

(I'm sparing you my dozens of series covers, since they all look pretty much the same. I hope you appreciate it!)


Stephen Pedneault said...

An awesome job with the cover. Thanks. Stephen Pedneault.

Unknown said...

What do you know. Those are all mine.

Adrienne Martini said...

That homage du Bass cover is a keeper. Well done.

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