Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Realm of February Awaits

My February graphic novel column for Realms of Fantasy was squeezed out of the magazine by a plethora of fiction -- and, honestly, that's as it should be; my column is at the very end of the magazine because it's the furthest from the audience's core interests, and should be jettisoned first in a lifeboat situation -- but it is not dead.

You can read that very column on the web, at the relaunched Realms of Fantasy site. I could give you a direct link, but I won't -- go to Realms and click on "Reviews" (in the top navigation bar) and you'll get to my column very quickly. If you want to stop briefly to ooh and ahh at the snazzy new design, please do so.

I reviewed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (adapted by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young from the L. Frank Baum novel) and Kull: The Shadow Kingdom (adapted by Arvin Nelson and Will Conrad from the Robert E. Howard story) there, and both are pretty darn good.

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