Sunday, December 06, 2009

Twelve Days of Commerce # 4: Demand Your Videos

Now, I'm old and crotchety enough that "video on demand" makes me immediately think "I want my MTV!" and then start ranting about how, when I was young, they actually played videos, before wandering off on a tangent about how I wouldn't listen to anything MTV plays today -- if they played any videos, which of course they don't -- on a dare, and eventually frothing at the mouth and falling over while yelling at those kids cutting across my lawn.

Eventually, if you were polite and determined enough -- though I can't possibly imagine why you would want to be -- you might manage to explain to me that "video on demand" means asking for some particular TV show or movie or other shard of pseudo-entertainment, getting it in downloadable form, and paying through the nose for the privilege of not having to get off one's arse (which one should really think about doing slightly more regularly -- really, I'm only saying this as one's friend) and go actually get a physical medium containing said video.

If you think "video on demand" is a good idea, then you just might be the sucker individual that Amazon is looking for. They've got a selection of zippy (and pricey) Panasonic televisual boxes and players of bluish rays that should be right up your alley, and they've authorized me to offer you a $30 credit for their Video On Demand service with purchase of said devices, which absolutely has not been bundled into their prices. (No sir!)

Why? Well, I told them about your lovely blue eyes, and they were touched. Really. So go buy an expensive flatscreen, won't you?
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