Sunday, January 07, 2007

Book-A-Day #174 (1/6): The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, Book Two by Bill Watterson

I read the first of the three volumes in this handsome slip-case quite some time ago, and Book Two has been sitting next to my computer (occasionally under other things) pretty much since then. I've read it in bits and clumps for the past few months, and, last night, I sat down and read over a hundred pages to finish it off, just because I was enjoying it so much.

This one collects all of the Calvin & Hobbes strips from October 1988 through April 1992 (with Watterson's first eight-month hiatus in the middle).

Everything I said about the first volume still applies here: it's a gorgeous book that reprints a great strip excellently. Would that all great strips could get a collection like this, or that all strips would merit one.

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