Sunday, January 14, 2007

Book-A-Day #181 (1/13): Slan by A.E. van Vogt

If you don't know what this novel is, you're reading the wrong blog.

I'd read this as a teenager, and I found that I'd forgotten most of the van Vogtian twists and turns of the plot (which I guess was a good thing, since it made it surprising this time through). I've found that a lot of old pulpy books (like Burroughs and "Doc" Smith) leave me cold, but I enjoyed this, and read it straight through pretty quickly.

Oh, sure, it's dated -- any SF story from 1940 is going to be dated now -- but it's a lot more readable than I thought it would be. I was pleasantly surprised.

(And the copy I read was a couple of years old, so it didn't have the new Kevin J. Anderson introduction that I see is now included.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You missed noting that Tor used the original Astounding cover art by Hubert Rogers. Way cool, kudos to Tor.

Michael Walsh

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