Sunday, January 07, 2007

The New Model Hornswoggler

As hinted in past posts, the Hornswoggler household is increasing by one -- the boys "convinced" me to let them get a cat (with aid from The Wife).

Her name -- for now at least -- is Marbles, and she joined the household today. So I got a lot less done today than usual, since someone responsible had to stay in the room she's confined to (we're introducing her to the house gradually) to keep an eye on her and provide company. She also seems me.

Anyway, this is her. Her name may change (it was "Marble" at the shelter, but the boys have semi-inadvertently added an -s to that already), and she'll only get bigger. She's roughly fifteen weeks old, an interesting tortoiseshell color, and was from the PATCH shelter in bucolic Pompton Lakes.

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