Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Incoming Books: 24 January

Four things this week (so far):
  • The Other Book...of the Most Perfectly Useless Information by Mitchell Symons
    Third in the series; to go onto the bathroom book back-up stack. (Which is itself getting a bit out of hand -- I've got at least five books over there already, which means they'll last for at least this whole year.)
  • Secret Life: The Select Fire Remix by Jeff VanderMeer
    OK, confession time: I now have this, Shriek, City of Saints & Madmen, Veniss Underground, and (goes to check) yes, the original edition of Secret Life piled up in various places. I've read about half of Veniss. (I'm almost as bad on Gene Wolfe; I have Soldier of Sidon and his last three short-story collections still to read.)
  • Totally Weird and Wonderful Words by Erin McKean
    Probably also for the bathroom book stack.
  • On the Wealth of Nations by P.J. O'Rourke
    This I'll probably get to quickly; it's short and I love O'Rourke's writing. (And I do seem to get to non-fiction faster than fiction these days.)
And, someday soon, I need to get out to my usual bookstore to buy Calvin Trillin's About Alice and Martin Amis's House of Meetings...and I bet I won't manage to walk out buying only those two books.

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