Saturday, January 27, 2007

Incoming Books: 27 January

What, again?

I can explain: the boys wanted to go to what they call "the card store" (because it sells Yu-Gi-Oh and other trading cards, though it's really more of a comics shop), and we were going to be in the neighborhood anyway, so I caved in.

Thing 1 bought five packs of Naruto cards (which he was disappointed to discover are not a game, but the old-fashioned kind of collectible trading cards); Thing 2 bought a Pokemon plush (he has a couple dozen of them now, but this is the first one he bought with his own money), a Pokemon board book, and a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. And I just had to buy something, too, right?

I did find Vol. 4 of Path of the Assassin (which my normal comics shop had been out of yesterday). But did they have The Grave Robber's Beautiful Daughter? (The shop guy said no, and seemed never to have heard of it or Richard Sala...or, worryingly, Fantagraphics at all.) Did they have The Push Man? (Still no luck, though he admitted that he'd heard of Drawn and Quarterly. OK, this is a small strip-mall store catering to twelve-year-old boys, but come on!) I wanted to buy something else, but they didn't have Ode to Kirihito. I didn't even consider looking for Fun Home. I've been vaguely looking for Ragmop and Shenanigans -- I've never seen either in person -- and, well, I still am. But this shop did have Alias Vol. 3, so I got that.

I also looked for Fortune & Glory, so I guess Bendis really is growing on me at this point. I think there's only one more volume of Alias after this, though I seem to remember that Jessica Jones turned up elsewhere in the Marvel Universe afterward. (Though, if she's in Civil War or some equivalent stupid mega-crossover, I really don't care in the slightest. Those things are just pure idiot bait.)


Pat said...

Jessica Jones, with a much cleaner mouth, is the lead in Marvel's Pulse, about a magazine published by The Daily Bugle. Pretty good book; I think it's still written by Bendis.

Anonymous said...

track down that ragmop, you'll be glad you did

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