Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Getting a New Minion!

Finally, after months of high-level talks and consultations, we've finally gotten approval to hire an assistant to replace Austen Farrell, who left over the summer.

Given the way the Mills of the Gods grind around here, I doubt I'll even talk to HR about the possibility of placing ads to get some resumes to talk to people to possibly hire one of them until the end of next week at best. Still, I'm on track to finally having someone to do my filing!

If there's anyone out there who thinks he/she/it is qualified to be an Editorial Assistant, and lives within commuting distance of Madison Square Park North, drop me a line at my work e-mail. (Your first test is finding that e-mail address -- it's on this page somewhere.)

(The job itself is mostly soul-crushing office work, but we pay decently for publishing, there could be the potential for advancement eventually for a person who really wants to be an editor, and I'm desperate to get someone in the office to do some of the first-reading. The position supports the SFBC and Military Book Club, so the ideal candidate, I guess, would be an obsessive-compulsive recent Harvard English B.A. who is the world's biggest Baen Books fan.)

I probably won't mention this again until I actually hire someone, but I've been six months assistant-less, so I just had to gloat -- ha! someone else will get to do all of the brain-devouring CMS entry!


Johan Larson said...

CMS = Content Managment System?

Anonymous said...

I doubt it's a code management system.

Johan Larson said...

Cthulhu Management System?

Andrew Wheeler said...

I have no idea what "CMS" stands for, though it might be "catalog management system," since it's the place we organize what goes into the club catalogs and flyers.

I've never heard or seen anyone, even the IT folks, call it anything other than CMS.

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