Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Quick Question

Has anyone seen any feeds from this blog since I went over to New Blogger? I don't think I've seen any at Bloglines (though I seem to be spamming LJ with every single one of my old posts every time I added a label).

Under New Blogger, there's supposed to be a posts feed, and a comments feed, but I haven't found new feeds for either of those and (as I said) the old posts feed might not be working.


Edward Willett said...

I've been using Google Reader and seeing your post feeds with no trouble at all.

And enjoying them, too. :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh... that might explain it. I get your blog through Bloglines, and for the past little while, I'll see a new post of yours, plus a (?random??) selection of posts going back many months.

Minooka, IL

Anonymous said...

I've been using Netnewswire on a Mac and the webfeeds reader on my cellphone and have seen the feeds with both, no problems.

Xanomon said...

Like Lisa I use bloglines and have been getting an eccentric overview of the last year of posts in addition to the new posts.

John Klima said...

I see you through bloglines. I've had the same thing as Lisa, but it's from you updating to the new Blogger and when you added labels to posts, bloglines thinks they are new posts and displays them.

Actually, bloglines correctly displays them as updated posts.


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