Sunday, January 28, 2007

Book-A-Day #196 (1/28): Death's Head by David Gunn

It's a first novel, in the MilSF vein, and it publishes in May. That, really, is about all I should say.

Maybe I can add one thing -- I don't think of myself as someone who particularly likes MilSF (or military Fantasy), but I keep enjoying specific books in that area. (Steven Erikson, for one big example. John Scalzi's first two novels. And so on.) I mean, I'm not generally choosing to read books in which rejuvenated Nazis save the world, but, in general, I have a much higher tolerance for "Sir, yes, sir!" and detailed weapons descriptions than I thought I did.

Well...and I can't say I'm thrilled about that cover. Nothing about it says "SF" to me. (Maybe that's the idea?) It just looks like they're trying to trick people who liked Jarhead into picking up a SF novel, which seems like an odd strategy to me. But I don't sell books into bookstores, and I'm sure plenty of people hate the covers I do, so I'll just register mild bemusement, and leave it at that.

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Anonymous said...

Can't understand where you get the "rejuvenated nazi" bit from...I have to say I loved this novel and am looking forward to the next two.

Andrew Wheeler said...

"Rejuvenated Nazi" is a reference to a book called Watch on the Rhine in which, well, rejuvenated Nazis save mankind from alien invaders.

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