Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Son of Things People Searched for and Found Hornswoggler

This was fun the first time I did it, so let's see what's going on now. I get a lot of {famous name} + naked + Playboy searches, because of Playboy: The Celebrities, and a fair number of people who seem to be looking for me or someone like me. But then there are things like these:

  • "adolph hitler" swiss salesman fiction -- someone in Cincinatti at about 7:30 on 1/10/07 desperately needed to know about Hitler's career as a salesman in Switzerland, but was unsuccessful.
  • Aparrently this picture (work-safe, though it's probably part of a series that isn't) led to this page of mine. Why, I have no idea. Someone in Hockenheim, Germany followed that link.
  • Someone from the city of Sana in Yemen searched for "English language books" and got here.
  • A reader from Illinois was looking for "birthday fades" and got this.
  • Someone else used to find "six day gent 2007" and got me instead.
  • Paramus, New Jersey's own someobody-or-other wanted to know about "new jersey syrup smell," but I don't think I was much help.
  • Someone from the Midwest wanted "loose sex" -- I know, don't we all? -- and ended up at my post about Ghostbusters and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • In Stamford, Connecticut, millions clamor to know about "captain the underpants lego." (None know why.) They are dejected when they wind up here.
  • Another German, also from Hockenheim, was on this page listing episodes of the anime series Inuyasha. Somehow that led to me.
  • A user wanted "70s porn movie," found my post about Inside Deep Throat, and was intruiged enough to move on (two and a half minutes later, implying he/she actually read the darn thing) to my post on Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs.

All of this fascinating, useless information I found out through SiteMeter, which has now wasted far too much of my time this morning.


Deanna Hoak said...

I don't know if I'd consider that picture worksafe--it looks like a kid. I would really rather not have followed it.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Well, she's dressed and not obviously underage. (Nor really trying to look that way, by Internet standards -- usually the marker for "I'm pretending to be very young" is a Catholic school uniform and pigtails -- oh, and an oversized lollipop.) But from the come-hither look, I know I didn't want to change the URL to see what came before or after that photo. So I can see people not wanting to click on that link to begin with.

It does depend on the work, too... My point was that it wasn't immediately porn, though I suspected porn lurked somewhere very nearby. (And I still have no idea why any link from there would go to any blog, let alone mine -- I'm not paying to have ads anyplace.)

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