Friday, January 26, 2007

More Bizarre Searches

I think I'll try to leave this one as a draft for a while, to pick up more of the oddball ones:

  • Someone in Orange county, California, at about 6 AM local time on 1/22, desperately needed to know about "fritz that's 2 anaheim holly redhead," but got to my June archives.
  • Google Romania led one surfer from "weekend by fay weldon analysis" to my Fan Fiction label.
  • A person in Rochester, NY -- who apparently cannot spell -- wanted "gent warts picture" and got to my root page. That's terribly dispiriting for all sorts of reasons. (What makes it worse is that he used WebMD for his search.)
  • A websurfer in Urbandale, Iowa wanted to find "matchstick men and stephanie seymour," and got here.
  • In Swansea, England, they're eager to know about "dragonby treacle mine," and I guess my "You Know: For Kids" label fits, somehow.
  • Someone from Korea searched for "club. book 46" and got my Book-A-Day post about Yoshitaka Amano's Fairies.
  • A person smack-dab in the middle of Spain wanted to know about "birthday presents for 80 year old," but found my post about Thing 2's birthday presents. (Thing 2, by the way, is 6.)
  • Someone at the Directorate of Logistics in Fort Rucker, Alabama, firmly believes "little miss sunshine boring!!!!" Sadly, I didn't agree.
  • On January 25th, two separate people clicked over to me from the friends page of a LJ user named eldritchhobbit. (I thus discovered that this blog has at least two LJ feeds, since the one Mr. Hobbit was using wasn't the one I'd previously known about.)
  • I also learned that eight people have saved this blog's URL on
  • The question on the mind of one person in Greenville, South Carolina: "is jenny mccarthy and gena lee nolan the same person"? The unhelpful answer: my "Smutty" label.
  • One of my LJ feeds has also been "friended" by hapendfro, who otherwise seems to read a lot of Harry Potter fanfic. Looks pretty slashy, too. I have no idea what the connection there is...
  • In the quiet town of Lake Oswego, Oregon, there once was a little old lady who desperately wanted to know about "advance search antick furniture." Alas, like so many accidental visitors here, she had a little trouble spelling "antique." And so she got to some of my publishing posts. (How do I know she's a little old lady, or that Lake Oswego is sleepy? I don't, but it makes a better story.)

And that's about a week of vaguely amusing and/or interesting links, so I'll post them now.


Anonymous said...

"Swansea, England"

Swansea, Wales, surely?

Andrew Wheeler said...

I thought Site Meter said "England" rather than "UK," but it's far enough back that I can't check it now.

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