Monday, January 22, 2007

Gala 1000th Post!

Actually, there's nothing special about this post, but -- since, like most of humanity, I have an inordinate affection to large, shiny, round numbers -- I figured I should mark the occasion anyway.

You could go back and see my 100th post, which features my favorite political joke, if you want.

Odd fact: even though it started more than six months later, the SFBC Blog is also nearly at its 1000th post. (That's because posts there tend to be short and punchy, and posts here tend to be long, discursive, and pointless.)

And that's all I've got here. So we'll just move on to #1,001, and so on...


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you will revive posting a weekly "reading into the past" entry, or did it become too much of a tedious exercise?

Andrew Wheeler said...

I think "Reading Into the Past" will come back when Book-A-Day ends; doing both at once was just too much for me to do regularly.

Book-A-Day, with luck, will limp on to the first of February, and die of exhaustion at #200. So I hope to restart "Reading Into the Past" the next week.

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