Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog in Exile: Convention-al Wisdom for 6/25

This past weekend saw ApolloCon 2007 splash down in Houston, and the Student Operated Press was there.

Also covering ApolloCon, in much greater detail, was SF Signal, which had separate posts for each day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

(No Fear of the Future was also at ApolloCon, but the promised post-con follow-up hasn't appeared yet as I type this.)

The Saratogian previews this fall's World Fantasy Convention, which will be held in their fair city, Saratoga Springs (come for the horses, stay for the waters).

Lou Anders has noticed that OmegaCon is planning to start (in his previously convention-benighted part of the South-East) with their first convention next spring, and he urges all local SF/F writers to get in touch with them.

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Lou Anders said...

...while noting that Lou has had absolutely no contact with the convention and doesn't have any idea if they know how to run a con or not. But remaining optimistic.

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