Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog in Exile: Interviews for 6/25

Phantastik-Couch interviews the prolific German fantasy writer Kai Meyer. (The interview is in English, though I'm not sure if any of Mr. Meyer's work is available in this language yet.)

Biology in Science Fiction interviews Canadian SF writer Nina Munteanu.

The Norwich Evening News profiles Roderick Gordon, co-author of Tunnels, a book originally self-published (as The Highfield Mole) and which is now being described (by its acquiring editor) as "the new Harry Potter."

Moviehole interviews Neil Gaiman, mostly about the upcoming movie adaptation of his novel Stardust.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist hosts a round-robin interview with David Anthony Durham, author of Acacia.

SciFi Wire talks to Shelley Jackson about her James Tiptree Award-winning novel Half-Life.

SciFi Wire previously chatted with Richard Morgan about his novel Thirteen.

USA Today profiles Austin Grossman, author of Soon I Will Be Invincible. [via SF Signal]

Your Mom's Basement interviews Richard Morgan, author of the new novel Thirteen. [via Locus Online]

Jeff VanderMeer of The Amazon Blog talks to Jay Lake about his new novel Mainspring (and publishes Lake's working sketch of his clockwork solar system).

Infinity Plus interviews Eric Brown, author of Helix.

Emma Bull answers more questions about her new novel Tombstone.

Shaken & Stirred interviews Ysabeau Wilce, author of Flora Segunda.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast interviews Holly Black, author of Ironside.

HipWriterMama interviews Justine Larbalestier, author of Magic's Child.

Jonathan McCalmont interviews Matt Bielby, editor of the UK slick media magazine Death Ray.

McCalmont also has recently interviewed Charles Stross, whose upcoming novel is Halting State (which is pretty damn good, believe you me).

John Scalzi, at the Ficlets blog, interviews Allen Steele, author of Spindrift.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know. Several of Kai Meyer´s young-adult novels have been translated into English and are available both in the US and the UK. He also has a small English language website at where you can find a list of titles.
Olaf Keith

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