Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Incoming Books: Week of 6/12

These are all from a trip to the comics shop last week, but I forgot to post them last week. I've just now had a book-valanche on top of my printer, so now I want to move these somewhere else, and get them out from in front of my face. And that means lists!
  • The Mighty Skullboy Army by Jacob Chabot -- I loved the short strip in Dark Horse's Strip Search last year, so I bought the whole book, once I finally found it. (It's an inexpensive little thing, which made it easier to justify buying it but harder to find.)
  • The Black Diamond Detective Agency by Eddie Campbell -- I'll admit I'm a bit dubious about the fact that this is based on an unproduced screenplay, but I'll give Campbell the benefit of the doubt.
  • A Treasury of Victorian Murder, Vol. 9: The Saga of the Bloody Benders by Rick Geary
  • Pure Ducky Goodness by Dave Kellett -- the first collection of the Sheldon comic strip, which I've been reading online (and enjoying) for most of a year now. Hm....yet another case of someone getting a free sample of something and then spending real money on it. I'm still not convinced...
I'm hoping not to get any more new books for a while -- once again, the stacks are towering, so I really should read what's already here first.

Although: I haven't gotten a copy of On Chesil Beach yet...

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